About Us 

This about us page is all about Florida Sunshine Shuttle – Who we are and What we do! 

About Us

Florida Sunshine Shuttle is a small personalized operation starting operations in 2008. We pride ourselves on offering great trips, and great service to our travel agents and direct clients. We make every effort to be available for questions and concerns that our clients might have, and we are not shy in the way of getting the information and services we need in order to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience while traveling with us.


You’ll find that you will get to know us on a personal name basis and we get to know your likes and dislikes. We still have that small store feel, just on the internet. We specialize in offering private transportation and tours to those clients who don’t want to travel with other people they don’t know and make stops along way, but don’t want to pay the high price that comes along with getting limousine services either. That is where Florida Sunshine Shuttle comes in and fills that gap right in between giving private transfers and tours just without the luxury prices. We are not a “luxury” type service nor do we pretend to be, but we do offer tremendous value for money.  Though we can arrange in some cases that type of service to those who request it, it just is not our standard operation.


Here at Florida Sunshine Shuttle, we are dedicated to providing the best service we can. Our business is thrives on referral and repeat travelers. We know how important our clients are, and we take pride in letting them know how important they are to us by giving them the absolute best in terms of itinerary customization and customer service. We are proud to say many of our clients have been with us since our very start in January 2008.


So no matter your needs nor where in the world you need to go, we can help you while you’re there. We offer transportation, tours around the globe. We specialize in group travel and have complete event and transportation management services available. We can handle everything from transportation, tours, hotels, conferences, dinners and more. Contact us and tell us your needs. We work with Travel Agents from various companies in putting together private customized vacations for their group clients.

If you have any questions in regards to transfers, tours or travel please use the Contact Us link above to send us a message. 

About Us – And Who We Are NOT

Florida Sunshine Shuttle is NOT associated with, owned, managed or in any other way apart of similar sounding companies. The State of Florida allows people to form companies with similar sounding names. Unfortunately through the years several companies have tried to piggy back off of our name. This has caused confusion, which we believe is purposefully on their behalf. 

We are not: Florida Sunshine Transportation, Florida Sunshine Express, Florida Shuttle, Sunshine Transportation, Sunshine Express. 

If you have booked with the above companies there is nothing we can do assist you. You will have to contact the company you actually reserved with. We have become inundated with phone calls, emails and/or complaints about the above companies, we’re very sorry but there is nothing we can do in regards to any issue.  We end up spending countless hours on the phone or responding to complaints because of this confusion. To say nothing of the least of people quick to write a review but not realizing who they actually booked with. 

We are looking into options which are limited in what we can do in the future, including a company name change. 

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